Too cold to skate?

CARMEL, Ind. — The cold temperatures are changing plans at the new ice rink in Carmel.

The ice rink is closed today, Dec. 28 due to “unsafe and bitter cold temperatures.”

The city hopes to open the rink tomorrow, weather permitting.

If you weren’t able to get out on the ice today — don’t worry.

The rink will be open through March 11, according to the city of Carmel.

And if you go out on New Year’s Eve — skating is open until 1 a-m.

Of course you’ll want to check the city of Carmel as they may decide to close early again, hopefully this summer they won’t close the pools due to excessive heat.

Here is a link to the website, nevermind that they are trying to sell ToxicWaste to your children, more on that later.

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