Elephants ok

Wilstem Ranch Elephants

Chattanooga, Tn.– Indiana Elephants ended up on the side of a Tennessee highway on Monday.
Police say a semi truck carrying the three African elephants caught fire on I-24 in Chattanooga around 2 a.m. Monday.
The owners of the elephants were able to get them out safely, and the animals waited on the side of the interstate until another truck got there.
The elephants were from Wilstem Ranch in French Lick, Indiana. They’re part of an experience where guests can bathe them. They were on their way to Bradenton, Florida, for the winter, when the truck caught fire.
Police say neither the driver nor the animals were hurt.
“The girls are back at the farm in Florida, all safe and sound,” said Jerry Fuhs, owner of Wilstem Ranch.
Fuhs says the elephants will stay in Florida until March 1, when they will return to the farm in French Lick, Indiana.

Video from WDRB TV

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